Reception Class

Teachers: Miss H Foord
Teaching Assistant: Mrs L Lewis

What an exciting term to be in Reception Class!

The children arrived back to find a large mystery egg in our classroom. Where had it come from? After lots of conversations about where the egg could have come from and what might hatch out of it, Mr Jeffery presented us with some gripping video footage which showed a giant T-Rex in our outdoor area. We couldn’t believe our eyes! 

During our ‘Challenge Time’, we have continued to think about dinosaurs and have developed our own ideas alongside this. We have used our phonic knowledge to make signs for our dinosaur egg, using some of our ‘Rainbow Words’ to begin to think about writing sentences.

We have made a ‘Dinosaur Museum’ in the classroom and have used information texts to find out the names of different dinosaurs, labelling the different dinosaurs for visitors to identify.


The children noticed that our ‘Dinosaur Museum’ also needed some tickets and some money to pay for things. Tickets were made by cutting up bits of paper and labelling them with a price. The children also did some coin rubbings to create money to use in the museum.

We have explored measure in our dinosaur museum, measuring bones using both informal and formal units of measurement. This then extended to measuring each other and different things in our classroom.


Outside, the children have been busy telling stories under our reading tree and have continued to develop their gross motor skills on ‘Dinosaur Rock’. They also built another dinosaur museum using wooden blocks and made some salt dough fossils to sell in the gift shop.


The cold weather has allowed us to explore the concept of freezing and melting. We found some frozen dinosaurs in our water tray and some of the children discovered that if you blow on the ice, it helps to melt it quicker because of our body heat.

We have also started ‘Mystery Reader’ on a Friday, which not only helps to promote a love of books but really excites our children who can’t wait to read to you. A Friday afternoon story time beside a virtual crackling fireplace, all snuggled up around Miss Foord’s cosy chair is just what we need. But whose family member will be our ‘Mystery Reader’ in the chair this week?

And all these amazing learning opportunities are just so far this term…

How you can help:

Regular reading – Making this part of your daily life can help foster a love of reading and promotes reading as an enjoyable lifelong skill. It could be anything from a book to a sign on an outing. 

Rainbow Words - These are common exception words which are not phonetically decodable e.g. the, I, come. Please help your child to practise these at home to aid fluency in reading and writing.

Promoting independence – Encouraging children to fasten buttons, do up zips and put on shoes can all help to develop children’s confidence and independence.

Looking for writing opportunities – Can your child help you to write a shopping list? What different sounds can they hear? Can they ‘robot’ out a word?

Exploiting mathematical opportunities:

*Magnetic numbers on a fridge - Can they make a number line? Can they identify missing numbers? Swap numbers around, can they correct them?

*Sing songs which focus on addition and subtraction – ten green bottles, five little speckled frogs, one man went to mow

*Practise counting in 2’s, 5’s, 10’s

*Asking questions like ‘if I took one away, how many would I have left? If I add two, how many would I have altogether?’

*Shopping activities – Do they know the value each coin represents?  Can they identify the 3D shapes in food packaging?

*Family members – Who is taller/smaller? Shall we measure and compare feet sizes?

Most importantly, have fun! Your children are growing so fast and it is so important that they spend quality time with their nearest and dearest engaging in new experiences and following their interests.

Please feel free to speak to either myself or Mrs Lewis at the beginning or the end of the school day, or if more convenient via email. We are always happy to help answer any questions and working with young children, are also both excellent listeners!

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