Reception Matisse Class

Teachers: Miss Foord
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Lewis

A big hello and a warm welcome to all the new children and families joining Reception Matisse Class this year! We are very much looking forward to getting to know all of you and helping your children to learn and grow as individuals. We hope that their time in Matisse will be exciting and memorable, and we promise to provide an enriching setting where they feel both safe and happy to explore and learn.

Welcome to Spring term in Matisse class!

This is a very exciting term where we really see the children blossom. The children will be continuing to immerse themselves in a wealth of wonderful opportunities, sparking their imaginations and enriching their minds.

So far this term, the children have shown a great interest in animals that live in Polar Regions, and have had lots of fun using our brand new interactive whiteboard to find out all about them.

The children are continuing to learn in a play based environment through both indoor and outdoor experiences. The environment is set out to develop independence, to stimulate children’s imagination and creativity, to be purposeful and allow children to develop and extend their own interests. Children are encouraged and helped to learn how to learn. Staff value children’s ideas and promote positive self-esteem. This is done through sensitive adult support and appropriate intervention to extend but not dominate the play situation. This comes from careful observation to understand children’s needs, interests and understanding, and a flexible, ‘in the moment’ approach to planning.

This term, the children are also participating in a mixture of carpet sessions and adult led activities. Literacy carpet sessions are used to share stories and act as starting points for writing. This term we are encouraging the children to think of their own sentences and write them down. We are also learning many ‘super power words’ in class. These high frequency words such as I, the, my, will help to scaffold their sentence writing and will help to improve fluency in their reading.

In our maths carpet sessions, children are continuing to develop their confidence with numbers 0-20. In particular this term, we are looking at counting backwards and subtraction. We will be beginning to explore 3D shapes and will also be introducing measuring and money. These concepts will be taught in a purposeful, practical way and children will use play and exploration to acquire mathematical skills and language.

How you can help:

Regular reading – Making this part of your daily life can help foster a love of reading and promotes reading as an enjoyable lifelong skill. It could be anything from a book to a sign on an outing…

Promoting independence – Encouraging children to fasten buttons, do up zips and put on shoes can all help to develop children’s confidence and independence.

Looking for writing opportunities – Can your child help you to write a shopping list? What different sounds can they hear? Can they ‘robot’ out a word?

Exploiting mathematical opportunities:

*Magnetic numbers on a fridge - Can they make a number line? Can they identify missing numbers? Swap numbers around, can they correct them?

*Sing songs which focus on addition and subtraction – Ten Green Bottles, Five Little Speckled Frogs, One Man Went To Mow

*Practise counting in 2’s, 5’s, 10’s

*Asking questions like ‘if I took one away, how many would I have left? If I add two, how many would I have altogether?’

*Shopping activities – Do they know the value each coin represents?  Can they identify the 3D shapes in food packaging?

*Family members – Who is taller/smaller? Shall we measure and compare feet sizes?

Most importantly, have fun! Your children are growing so fast and it is so important that they spend quality time with their nearest and dearest engaging in new experiences and following their interests.

Please feel free to speak to either myself or Mrs Lewis at the beginning or the end of the school day, or if more convenient via email. We are always happy to help answer any questions and working with young children, are also both excellent listeners!







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Important Dates

Monday 26th February
Medical Detection Dogs visit
Friday 2nd March
Maya Workshop for Monet Class

A visit from Mexicolore who will lead us in an all day interactive Maya workshop.

Tuesday 20th March
Parents' Consultation
Thursday 22nd March
Parents' Consultation
Wednesday 28th March
Easter Service Whole School

Drop children at St Margaret's Church at 9am. Infants to be collected by parents/carers at 10am from Church to return to school. Juniors will walk back via the orchards, stopping for a snack. Infants are welcome to join the walk at parents'/carers' discretion. If weather is dreadful, we will use the school hall.

Thursday 29th March
End of Term 4
Monday 16th April
Start Term 5
Wednesday 25th April
Year 4 Monet Assembly

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