Year 6 

Teacher: Miss C  Barnden
Teaching Assistants: Mrs M Ellis, Mrs H Huby (HNF) 4 days

Term 3- Evolution and Dinosaurs (continued)

At the beginning of Term 2 we began looking at the Big Bang theory, learning how scientists believe the world came to be and started to look into who Charles Darwin was and his theory of Evolution. This led to us learning about the first creatures to have roamed earth, from the sea dwellers to the land walkers. In particular the dinosaurs which have captured the children’s imaginations, has led to some phenomenal writing and art work. We will be continuing to look at these magnificent beasts and how they were discovered, followed by how they became extinct.


As mentioned above, there has been some fantastic writing linking to the topic of dinosaurs, which can be seen around the classroom, in Literacy books and Topic books. To start with we studied the ruler of the dinosaur kingdom, the Tyrannosaurus rex, looking at his features and movement to enable us to write a descriptive piece. We focused on a range of skills, thinking carefully about the structure of our writing, how to include figurative language to enhance the writing and how to use a wide range of ambitious vocabulary to ensure an image is formed in the reader’s head.

We then decided to develop on from this in order to create our own Jurassic story initially starting with a cold write where no input was given and the children were able to freely write. Having done that, we then broke our stories down, looking at the strengths and weaknesses, focusing on structure and form. This has helped us to develop our stories into a new piece of writing, which we are currently in the process of creating.

In maths we have been securing our understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages and the children are now feeling confident with manipulating them and are able to reason and explain with growing confidence. We have now moved on to geometry where we will be developing a range of skills - finding the area, perimeter and volume, of a variety of shapes such as triangles, trapeziums, cuboids, cylinders etc. We have also recently investigated nets of shapes, finding alternative nets and discussing how we found them and why there may be a certain number of nets per shape. Continuing on from this we will be looking at angles and constructing triangles with set measurements.


In science the children are looking at electricity and have recently loved investigating static electricity - especially as they have discovered how it will stick to their heads but also move objects, such as an empty can, and make their paper man dance. They will then be looking at circuits, how they are constructed and exploring the different materials which can and cannot be conductors of electricity.


In art the children have designed their own classroom display, working in groups to create different sections, thinking about the different methods and skills they can use to achieve a certain outcome and effect. We have also made our own meteorites which they describe to be hurtling towards earth to wipe out our class dinosaurs- creative and imaginative as always!



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