Year 3 

Teacher: Miss I Sanchez
Teaching Assistants: Mrs G Bennett, Miss L Catton (HNF) 4 days)

This is a very exciting term for Year 3 because we can share and celebrate all of our wonderful learning in our class assembly at the end of the month. We can’t wait to show everyone what we have been up to!

This term we are learning all about ‘The Amazing Mayans’. We have been exploring the area they inhabited in Mesoamerica and have looked at their art, making our own wonderful Maya masks out of clay. We looked at the different types of masks they used and chose our favourite ones to inspire us when designing our own. What an amazing result! Our Year 3 children are very talented.

We have also designed and made a class display, with a beautiful stone stepped pyramid and a flat top surrounded by trees. This shows the importance of the Mayan temples and their location in the forest. To create a stone effect, we glued grey straps of paper onto ‘. Stone was the most important material the Mayans used within their architecture.

This term in PE we are focusing on invasion games. These games are where two equal teams need to invade the other team’s area to score a goal. It is very important to communicate and work as a team and we have thought about this during our PE sessions, using different ways of communicating e.g. body language, gestures, voice, facial expressions. In particular this term, we are looking at hockey. It looks simple but the challenge is to always keep the hockey stick in contact with the floor. We are persevering and getting better as we continue to practise this.

In art we are looking at Frida Khalo and her self-portraits. Some of the children in our class have received books about her artwork for Christmas and so we are learning lots about her techniques used to create her artwork. We discovered that this amazing artist suffered an awful bus accident that kept her in a bed for months. This very accident was what inspired her to start painting.

Frida Khalo; “it’s the subject I know best”.

In science we are learning all about animals this term, including humans. We started looking at the different type of animals and classified them according to their diet. We will be moving on to classifying animals according to the bones in their bodies, finding out about vertebrates and invertebrates. We’ll also be taking a closer look at our own bodies, exploring the muscles and organs that make up the human body.

In English we have learnt about fables. These are short but funny and very interesting stories, where characters are normally animals that talk to each other and have a moral at the end. We can all learn something from the hidden messages in a fable. Miss Sanchez’s favourite is The Ant and The Grasshopper because as she says, “we are all ants, working hard as a team to achieve our best”.

Later on in the term, we will be looking at letter writing. Who will be our letter’s recipient? We’ll have to wait and see… 

For Maths this term, we’ll be comparing, estimating, rounding and analysing numbers. Some of us are already working with 4 digit numbers.

These children don’t stop impressing us and all of them should be extremely proud of their efforts. Every day the children work hard and show their perseverance and high expectations by improving the presentation of their work. Keep up the amazing work Year 3!



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