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Year 2 Van Gogh Class

Teacher: Mrs Radford
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Wye, Miss O'Brian and Mrs Sutton

Hello and welcome to Van Gogh

Hello and welcome to Term 5 and 6

Van Gogh once said that ‘Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.’ In Year 2, we will work together and take small steps every day to achieve great things by the end of our journey together.

It’s a ‘tasty term’ for Van Gogh as the first half will focus on the topic of chocolate. The children will discover where chocolate comes from and how it gets turned into our chocolate bars.  They will visit Temper Temper Chocolate House to have a go at making our favourite treat and look at other chocolate products and topics through English, Art and Computing.  They will also get to eat more chocolate during lesson time than they have ever imagined!

Term 6 will focus on famous people and go back through history meeting important people, who had a huge impact on our lives today. This is a secret but there will also be a visit from a very special VIP!

RE takes on a journey into Hinduism and we learn all about their Gods, places of worship and what is sacred to them.

In Science the children will be studying what plants, flowers and trees need to grow, by sowing and growing their own sunflowers, cress and flowers. They will learn about what happens when a seed is left in the dark or left in the light.

English will really focus on developing the skills that we have introduced and worked on throughout the previous terms. Books they will be working with are Charlie and The Chocolate Factory,   We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, Lost and Found  and The Way Back Home. The children will use recounts, postcards, letter writing, and poetry to explore them.

Maths will focus on position and direction, telling the time, problem solving and measurement with time, mass, capacity and temperature.

During the last part of the Term 5, the children will take their end of Key Stage 1 assessment.

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Latest News

Village Litter Pick March 17th 2018

  We hosted the Village Litter Pick this year. Thank you parent Darren White for driving the initiative. About 40 children of all ages joined in.   More >

Van Gogh Year 2 visit St Margaret's Church

Thank you Rev Trish for a really informative trip to St Margaret's as part of our RE learning about Christianity. More >

World Book Day 1 March 2018

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Important Dates

Wednesday 25th April
Year 4 Monet Assembly
Tuesday 1st May
Dance around the Maypole

8.30am start - all Year 4 will be dancing. 

Thursday 17th May
Monet visit Tunbridge Wells Museum
Wednesday 23rd May
Kandinsky Year 1 Assembly
Thursday 24th May
End of Term 5
Tuesday 5th June
Start Term 6
Monday 25th June
Junior Sports Day
Thursday 12th July
Infant Sports Day
Tuesday 24th July
End of Term 6

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