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Blogo Fogo Visit

On Wednesday 4th July, Blogo Fogo, one of the biggest Samba bands in Kent, visited our school. Year 5 shared some of their experiences:

'These guys know how to drum! It's not all about drumming though; there are bells, tamberines and cowbells'.

'The drumming was AMAZING! I loved every second and I realised I really like drumming'.

'The drumming is an experience I will always remember; the rhythms were really funky!'

'The lady taught us a beat which we performed to other classes. We performed with our favourite instruments (after trying them all out!)'


Year 5 Cross Curricular Day at Kent College

On Thursday 28th June, a group of lucky year 5s enjoyed a Cross Curricular day at Kent College. Here's what they had to say about it:

'All of the lessons were in Spanish, German or French. We went to the chemistry lab where we experimented with fire! We used different chemicals to change the colour of the flames. We also looked at Picasso-style art and learnt about the Cubism movement. It was a really fun day.

'We had a great day at Kent College, learning lots of French, Spanish and German. We translated stories from French to English anmd tried some Cubist art. Overall, chemistry was the best, I loved changing of the colours of the flames!'

'I would love to go back to Kent College. It was so much fun and I would definitely recommend it to other children. Learning different languages was interesting.'

Year 3 Trip to Herstmonceux

Year 3 had a lovely day at The Observatory Science Centre in Herstmonceux. We got to take part in a Bridge Building Workshop, where the class split into two teams and constructed two bridges. We also spent some time exploring the interactive exhibits such as Astronomy, Forces, Light and Colour and the Human Body. Whilst fun, the children were also learning too - without even realising! We also worked in pairs and teams outdoors in the Water Area and the Discovery Park. Here's what some year 3s had to say:

'On 7th June, Mrs Mills, Mrs Speirs, Mrs Cogley, Mrs Bennett and Miss Johnstone took us to the Science Observatory in Herstmonceux. The best part was the Chair Of Doom and I volunteered to go first. I was scared at first because it was full of spikes! But when I sat on it, it didn't hurt - because there was lots of spikes! The more spikes there are, the less it hurts.'

'We learnt lots about forces. We made a Truss bridge and tested its strength then we had to find the magnetic block in the Roman bridge which held the whole bridge together. When we we took it out, the whole bridge collapsed! We also watched a show where there was a rocket launcher and the scientist made a Mrs Speirs sandwich; we learnt that even though Mrs Speirs was laying between two huge planks of wood, she couldn't get hurt when hit with a hammer because there was rubber in between her and the wood.'

'My favourite part was the vacuum chair - we sat on the chair, switched Henry Hoover on and we would move up in the chair! The water play was fun too. We worked in teams to keep the water flowing in the right places with wheels and taps. There was lots of water gushing and I got splashed!'




Remembrance Service

12 November 2018

It was lovely to see how well behaved and respectful the children were, when visiting the war memorial outside the social club on Monday 12th November. As a school, we walked down together to meet at the memorial where Rev. Phil led a short service, teaching the children the importance of remembrance and giving them an opportunity to reflect. As the clock struck 11, a minutes silence was had, followed by the oldest and youngest of our school laying down wreaths. Proceeding them, Year 6 and foundation lay down individual wooden crosses for each of the men who once came from the village and who sadly lost their lives fighting for our country in both the First and Second World War. It was a lovely sight to see, the oldest in our school helping the youngest to lay their cross down. Year 6 then read out two poems which they had written about remembrance and the symbolic poppy. Year 5 and 6 then had the fantastic opportunity to visit the display which had been made especially for the centenary, held in the social club. Kel, a local resident who led a lot of the research and helped organise the service, spoke to the children with an abundance of knowledge, capturing their interest and answering all of their questions.

Thank you to those who supported us on the day, walking with the children and attending the service, and a special thanks to Kel and Phil for organising the whole thing, bringing the community together.



Election of Year 6 Captains

17 October 2018

Congratulations to all of Year 6 who have earned various responsilities within the school. One of these responsibilites is being a 'Buddy' to children in Reception. The Buddy is a 'turn to' person and a friendly face for children in their first year at Horsmonden.

Year 6 have also voted for Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl. Contenders gave a speech to persuade their peers to vote for them and staff also cast their votes!


Congratulations to our new heads and deputies:

Head Boy: William

Head Girl: Jennifer

Deputy Head Boy: Max

Deputy Head Girl: Daisie May





KS2 Sports Day

25 June 2018

Congratulations to Simmonds who were the winners of our very hot KS2 Sports Day at Tonbridge Sports Centre! All the children and parents had a fantastic time and the staff did a super job of ensuring that all the events ran smoothly. Thank you to all those involved!

Van Gogh Year 2 visit St Margaret's Church

06 March 2018

Thank you Rev Trish for a really informative trip to St Margaret's as part of our RE learning about Christianity.

World Book Day 1 March 2018

01 March 2018

We stayed open, despite the snow and ice, because we knew how excited the children were about World Book Day. We were glad we did as 55% of children braved the weather and most came in costume. We will hold another World Book Day later in the year for the 45% who understandably couldn't make it.

Medical Detection Dogs visit 26 February 2018

26 February 2018

The Charity Medical Detection Dogs came to visit. They wrote:
"Thank you so much for having us to talk to your children.   Millie and I so enjoyed their wonderful interested little faces and were very surprised and impressed by the questions, which were on a par with the adults we usually talk to!  Thank you too for allowing Dibble to come and socialise.   He was a star and I hope he helped their understanding of how a dog smells – I hope our garlic did too!"
If anyone would like to donate to this charity, please send it in and give to Mrs Hart Dyke.


Monet Year 4 Visit O2 for Young Voices February 2018

06 February 2018

29 children from Monet Class visited the O2 to be part of the UK's Biggest Choir. Amazing! Fantastic! Awesome! Just some of the adjectives the children and parents used to describe the experience.

Visit to Tunbridge Wells Mosque

28 September 2017

We very much enjoyed our trip to Tunbridge Wells Mosque. We are aware that as a school we need to increase our understanding of other cultures so we were delighted to be invited by Imam Yasser to find out more about the Islamic faith. RE teaching is predominantly focussed on the Christian faith but includes learning about Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism. We visit St Margaret's in Horsmonden every Christmas and have Christian assemblies regularly as well as run a Christian Quest Club every Thursday lunchtime. We are also hoping to visit a Jewish Synagogue and a Sikh Temple as the year progresses.

Dragon Boats 2017

09 September 2017

Well done our team - we came 10th out of 65 boats. Thank you to all who took part. We'll find out what was raised soon.

Learning with The Rainbow Fish

05 June 2017

All classes will spend four weeks looking at The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. Look out for Rainbow Literacy, Maths, Art and much more from Reception to Year 6.

China Day 2017

24 May 2017

We spent a day finding out all about China. Learning included activities with art, geography, story-telling, meditation and mindfulness, cooking and music.


Visit from Borough Council

30 March 2017

Year 4 were lucky enough to have a visit from Tunbridge Wells Borough Council as part of our British Values teaching. We have been invited to send our concerns about traffic in Horsmonden to them by email. Democracy in action!


Reception trip to Godstone Farm

28 March 2017

The weather was fantastic and for some children it was the first time that they had been to a farm. 

All the children had a great time and learnt lots of facts about the animals on the farm and what products they give us.‚Äč They also took part in an animal handling session with Shelby the naughty escaping chicken. 

Year 1 visit Drusillas

23 March 2017

What an amazing trip! The children learnt loads and behaved beautifully.

India Day

20 March 2017

We enjoyed a whole day of celebrating India - her food, her art, her stories and much more.

Here are some pictures of Year 1 samosa-making.

British Science Week

13 March 2017

Much excitement around the school and the buzz of true learning as Science Week took off on Monday. Pictures below. Many more in this month's Gallery.

Here is a powerpoint, made by Samuel in Year 4, all about climate change.

Safer Internet Day 2017

13 February 2017

We were delighted to take part in Safer Internet Day 2017. Activities were carried out in classes throughout the school to promote online safety. Examples of learning included instruction posters about safer sharing of personal details, emoji hunts and e-safety film making - Year 4's video can be found here 

Attendance Impact

06 February 2017

Missing school can seriously harm your child's progress and achievement.

Click here to see the effect of missing even a few days of school.

Olympic Rower to visit school

19 January 2017

Pictures of our visitor, Andy Triggs Hodge. We had an amazing time. See our local Parish Magazine for an interview by our Year 4 Reporters.

Netball Team Success

17 January 2017

We are rightly very proud of our wonderful Running Team but our Netball Team also deserve a mention. They turn out to practice in rain, snow, ice and fog every week with the amazing Coaches Hilary and Amanda and today their dedication paid off. In our League Match at Skinners Kent Academy they scored six goals in total and secured two draws against much bigger schools. Well done team!

St Margaret's Art Exhibition

08 October 2016

We proudly present our Junior Artists! Our work will be on display at our local Church all weekend from 7th October. We have a lot of talent in our school.

Singing for the Headteacher's Conference

06 October 2016

We were very proud to be asked to sing for over 100 Headteachers from Kent Schools in October at their Annual Conference at Ashford. We joined with two local schools to sing songs from the Young Voices concert at the O2 Arena. The children were amazing and their big smiles as they sang said it all.

Ofsted celebration Wednesday 21st September

21 September 2016

We enjoyed a lovely picnic tea on the school field with refreshments made by the staff and donated by parents. This event was to thank everyone concerned with our school for all the positivity and enthusiasm shown to Inspectors during our recent Inspection. The childrens' behaviour was described as "outstanding." 


World's Biggest Reading Lesson

24 June 2016

The Juniors were joined in a link with 75 schools across the UK in the record attempt for the biggest co-ordinated half-hour reading session, which began sharp at 9am, as part of National Book Day. In front of independent witnesses, the children listened to a video link of J.K. Rowling reading the opening chapter of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Mrs Coton continued to read for the last ten minutes. One excited comment from Year 4: "I want the book now - I need to see how it ends."


Childrens' Voice - The Referendum

23 June 2016

Every week 30 children meet in each classroom to debate a hot topic. Children from Reception to Year 6 join together and Year 6 lead the discussion. This week we talked about the Referendum and then voted. Our result was overwhelmingly in support of Remain.  After that, Year 4 visited the Polling Station to watch their TA Mrs Brierley cast her vote. A small vlog was made of the experience and can be found here.

Dad's Afternoon Friday 17th June

17 June 2016

We welcomed Dads or other significant men into school to spend an afternoon with the children. This is what we got up to:



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