Acting out David Walliam's Boy in a Dress.
Dave, the Reading Rabbit. Join him on Fridays in the library.
We learn Maths at the local shop.
Parents and carers are invited in regularly to work alongside the children and celebrate their achievements.
We're proud of our musicians - they play us into Assembly.
Our Children's Voice group. Led by Year 6, every child from Reception upwards meet in each classroom to debate a current topic.
Prefects' team building.
Gardening Club - one of the many extra-curricular activities we offer. Other clubs include netball and football, model making, computing, maths, cooking and running.
Star of the Week Assembly
We celebrate cultures from around the globe. Here we are learning about China with art, music, stories, geography and much more.
Helping our local community.
Class Assemblies are enjoyed by everyone, always with an opportunity to share our learning with parents and carers afterwards.
We have links with other schools across the world. This is Year 4 sharing a poster made for them by Hands of Compassion school in Zambia.
We're proud of our Buddy system where a Year 6 pupil is paired up with a Reception Buddy before they even start school.